Sunday, February 28, 2016

Rob's Modern Victory Garden Challenge

Just about a week ago Rob set up a Modern Victory Garden Challenge, similar to one previously run by Sharon Astyk.  I remember challenges like this (and participated in some back in the day...), so I though I would join Rob in learning and sharing.  I will post a recap at the end of each month highlighting what I have done to be more self-sufficient.  This month is a little lean since we're just coming out of winter here in the northeast, but here goes!

Grow your own:
I didn't grow anything edible but went through my left over seeds from last year and found what I needed to buy for this season.
I am also sending out a check tomorrow to renew my space in the community garden plot  :)

Repair something:
This one is special.  I got a vintage babydoll on the internet (very reasonably priced), cleaned it, and used some cloth scraps to make a new outfit and bedding (blanket, pillow, mattress).  This is a present for my 16 month old granddaughter who is coming to visit me next week   :)

Learn something new:
I'm trying to find out as much as possible about einkorn, an ancient grain that is finding a new audience.  It is higher in protein, minerals, and fat than modern wheat varieties.  I've found some websites and recipes for using einkorn flour that look very interesting.

Eat it:
Onions from my garden.

They've come in handy this winter.  (One is going in my lunch salad tomorrow.)

I'm still enjoying the swiss chard and green beans from last summer's garden, and found some pureed pumpkin and greated zucchini in the freezer.  I'm thinking about baking in the next few weeks :)

Preserve it:
Couldn't do much about that this month.  The closest I came was freezing meal-size portions of stuffed shells.

I'm hoping to do even more in March, and hope you'll stop back to see what's up.  Perhaps you'd like to join Rob's challenge!

Happy Sunday evening!

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