Friday, September 11, 2015

garden wrap up (almost)

It was a very good first year for my plot in the organic community garden, considering this parcel had been abandoned by it's previous owner and left to go to weeds.  This part of New England suffered from early blight.  I was unprepared for this, and have learned how to (hopefully) prevent a repeat disaster next year.  And the squash bugs and cucumber beetles were out of control.  This is an unfortunate side effect of community gardens if others do not take care of their plots, plants, and pest control.

Considering all that, I continually walked out of there with bags of delicious, wholesome, nutritious organic produce!  I would harvest swiss chard, green beans, beets, and squash in amounts that would have cost at least fifteen dollars a trip at the farmers market.  Overall, I at least doubled my total investment (plot, seeds, etc).

My garden "neighbors" are wonderful folks.  We share stories and ideas as well as veggies.  There's always someone who can water for me if I'm away, and I do likewise for them.

This was taken mid-summer.  The chard keeps on going!  The beets are all pulled and cooked (note to grow more next year).  The onions are drying now.  I've given away so much food to neighbors, co-workers, and family!

I experimented with VT Cranberry Beans.  One small pack yielded over two pounds of beans for this winter.  I may or may not grow drying beans again next year, due to the space needed, but it was interesting.

I've already started thinking about next year's garden.  A different layout, more flowers to encourage beneficial insects.  And the beginning of "lasagna gardening".  I have access to LOTS of pine needles, which I can use for mulch in the pathways, and possibly some sheep manure.

My small plot isn't much but my fridge and freezer are full   :)

And the squash keep coming!

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