Sunday, September 15, 2013

Many miles

There are two sport shops on opposite corners in this one particular location in northern VT.  When I lived there, I would support both of them.  Snowshoes at one, bike repairs at the other.  Each had merits and I was glad to do business with them.  So on my last trip north I stopped in each one, asking questions about bikes.  My Schwinn just wasn't living up to the expectations that I had for it and I needed something a bit more aggressive.  (There are days I dream about my old Italian racer.....sigh!)

The bike rack was already on my car so that I could bring home a new ride.  I talked with an associate at the first store and had one bike in mind before walking across the street to do comparison shopping at the second store, where I eventually made my purchase.  The bikes were similar in features and so on, but at the second store it was the manager who worked with me.  I have always felt that the service at this location was a few standards higher, and it hasn't changed in the years since I moved away!  Options were explored and I am pleased with my purchase.  Even more, they service the bike 30 days after purchase to check everything again (at no charge).  And I have a lifetime discount of anything in the store...except another bike, of course ;)

So in the past two weeks I've put on many, many miles.  There's a lovely loop down near the shore that enjoy and I'm heading there shortly.

Next chance I get here on Blogger, I will tell you about the bag of 1960s sewing patterns ;)


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