Thursday, April 25, 2013

A comeback, of sorts

Well, in the midst of shedding Winter and gearing up for Spring (now that it's really here in the northeast!), there was a small story on the news today that merits mentioning.  Here in the U.S., we "lost" the baked goods company that produced many age-old snack products and breads that were popular for many, many years (since before my time that's old!)  Bits and pieces of the company's rights have been sold off, resulting in the comeback of the Twinkie sometime this summer!

I was never thrilled over these little gems.  They always disappointed me.  The filling was too sweet for my taste, and the cake was bland.  But they had quite a following, based on the "twinkie hoarding" before they disappeared.  Wonder bread, on the other hand, was an indulgence I partook about once every other year or so.  Having grown up taking sandwiches made with Wonder bread to school, I sometimes wanted to re-live that.  (Yes, it's a plain carb with no redeeming value and it sticks to the roof of your mouth....but we all have our guilty pleasures ;)

Well, the Twinkie returns.  Can Wonder bread be far behind?

Have a great Friday!  Here comes the weekend  :)

Who knows, I may be the first in line to buy a Twinkie when they hit the shelves just to see if I was wrong.

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Brad K. said...

What I miss is the Hostess peach pie. And the occasional cherry pie.