Sunday, December 16, 2012


Of all the details in my life that I have posted you haven't read much about my financial situation, mostly because it has been "trying".  Through the years I've learned that it takes about 5 years to get over a setback, such as a major illness or job loss, etc.  At that 5-year point you're not necessarily bounced back to where you were (financially), but you've rounded the bend and are on the road to recovery.  Well, I'm rounding that bend.

Only a very few of you may remember when my car was rear-ended and totalled in the summer of 2009.  I had only a few days to replace it and made a good decision to buy a one year old Subaru.  After two years of those monthly payments I couldn't see the light at the end of the tunnel so I decided to tighten my belt and toss extra money at the principal left on the loan throughout this year.  Easy enough to do that during the warm months but heading into heating season worried me.  How could I meet my payoff goal of February 2013 while subsequentally paying the gas bill?

My worries were put to bed when our company announced a year-end bonus, which is very unusual for them.  While everyone laughed about buying iPads and new clothes, I had visions of that finish line getting nearer.  As soon as the money appeared in my bank account I directed it to the auto loan.  I can breathe easier, knowing that a February payoff is once again a reality with two more months of being a tightwad.  With so many other expenses about to rise, having this payment gone will truely be a blessing.

I raise my coffee cup in a toast to wish that you receive an equally pleasant surprise!

Have a wonderful Sunday.


Sue McPeak said...

Tis the Season of Giving...what a wonderful Windfall at the End of the Tunnel Gift for you. Congratulations on being able to StickToIt! What a strong will and strength of character you are sharing. Merry Christmas from Texas!!!

Maria said...

Congrats on the bonus! What a wonderful surprise! Your goal will be reached! I am thrilled for you!