Monday, September 10, 2012

Passing it on

We moved to northern New England in 1984, at which time I was primarily a stay at home mom.  I had made a little chicken scratch from sewing in previous years so I set out to sell a baby quilt at a very nice quilt shop that was located in a mill which had been converted into shops (at the time it was a tourist hot spot.)  We bought a Bernina Sport 811 for my endeavours (including the sewing and mending that three young sons accumulate) and I brought a few more quilts to the shop.  They sold fairly regularly, but the shop owner was more interested in my hand quilting.  She hired me to hand quilt on consignment and kept me as busy as I chose to be, including her own entry for the Vermont Quilt Festival.  The following year I ended up quilting their raffle quilt.

My trusty Bernina supported me in whatever I asked it to do, from patching holes on blue jeans, curtains, clothing, quilts, and one very special pirate flag.  So when my youngest grown up son and my future daughter-in-law asked for advice in getting a used machine, I could only think of one that I would trust for their workhorse.  This coming weekend I will drive it to northern VT, drop it off at a well-trusted service tech, and have him call the young folk when it's ready.  I've taken a few photos and marked them with thread direction, so when they call I can tell them to look at the photos while I answer their questions.  I also have the original booklet and box of accessories for them.

So what will I use once my machine is gone?  A Featherweight.  Someday I'll explain how it came into my possession.  I plan to use it until someday in the future when I receive my mother's Brother (circa mid-1960s.)  The solid machine that I used to sew most of my clothing, including my wedding dress.  I love these simple, strong machines and I hope to use hers for the rest of my days.

May my Bernina brings as many productive, pleasant hours to these young folks as it did for me.  I'm so happy that another generation is interested in creating things with their own hands.

Have a wonderful evening, and pleasant dreams!



Maria said...

I hope they love that machine as much as you did!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Thank you, Maria. I hope they learn a lot on it.