Sunday, August 26, 2012

What a week.....

This morning woke me gently with a soft cool breeze and chirping critters.  It was the kind of morning that lets you ease into the day.  After opening the windows wide and making breakfast I accomplished one task after another, in no great hurry and in no particular order.  From cleaning the kitchen to filing recent bills, I eliminated those pesky jobs that keep calling when you are trying to do something else.

I needed this kind of morning after having a strange week at work.  There's a "re-organization" in progress which resulted in losing the person I worked with.  My duties are changing and I'm learning (the hard way) so much that I did not do before.  All in all, it should turn out good......after these initial weeks of coming home filled with information overload.  Dropping onto the couch was the highlight of my evenings ;)

I should be back up and running now.  My mind is cleared and I found a few new projects.  I started cutting fabric for a new quilt using new material (not vintage.)


I saw some slippers I want to try to make.


And I found this recipe that I'm going to make tonight to take for lunch tomorrow.  I also want to get back to making bread now that the heat has subsided and I can turn on the oven again  :)

Please keep all our southern U.S. friends and family in your prayers as the new storm catches landfall in Florida.  I hope they are all preparing.  Even more, I hope it fizzles into a light storm.

It's been a while.  What have you been up to?  And what have you got planned for this week?


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Maria said...

I hope everything goes well with work. I know the stress that comes with a job! Looking forward to your new project with that material also!!