Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Wild? life

One of the things I enjoy about the "suburban" area where I live is that I can still see wildlife daily.  Turkeys are always on the sides of the parkway.  As are the deer, which is often to their demise.  A bear is occasionally sighted, and last year a mountain lion was hit and killed on the interstate.  Of course, there are tons of raccoons, groundhogs,.......and skunks, like the one that was outside at 4:30 this morning!

Between the wild fruits in the wooded areas and the gardens, dumpsters, garbage cans, and bird feeders, we now have a smorgasbord for critters.  But since they are no longer frightened by the scent and sight of a human being they're much more daring than they used to be.

Yesterday a co-worker showed me amazing cellphone photos of the damage a squirrel had done at her home.  It ripped through a corner of the window screen above her sink to get an apple on the kitchen table.  While the squirrel was enjoying lunch her dog awoke and chased it, causing it to tear an even larger hole through the top of the screen.

My neighbor also told me of a squirrel who wandered into a local auto garage, passing by the workers, and stole a donut from the bag sitting on the lunchroom table.

And those wild turkeys near my workplace?  Yes, they still come by in the mornings.  I'm hoping that no one in the building starts feeding them.  The food that Nature intended for them is in ample supply in the surrounding woods.

Hoping you enjoy a day filled with Nature's beauty, whether it's a sunny sky, waves rushing to the shore, or birds chirping in your backyard!



Impera_Magna said...

Oh my... squirrels can do a lot of damage... and they have at my house. Pesky critters also enjoy the veggies in my flower pot garden on my deck... taken bites out of tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes... they eat 'em right off the vine.

The wild bunnies also come up on the deck... I have a photo of one, actually in the flower pot, helping itself to the cilantro.

MYstory of HIStory said...

Hi Farmgal! Welcoooome Baaack :) We saw a moose when we were out at our garden yesterday! Made my day :) But I know what your sayin - about wildlife mingling so closely with suburbia now.

Looking forward to seein' more of that new quilt project you're workin' on too. Your off to a beautiful start :)