Thursday, July 26, 2012

Watching Nature

This Spring I stumbled on a webcam fixed over the nest of two bald eagles in Decorah, IL, and joined in with so many other folks watch three little eggs hatch, grow, and learn to fly.  I learned about them through the more experienced viewers via the site's social stream.  Some folks have been watching this nest for years!

The young birds ("juvies"!) each had their distinct personalities, and were amazing to follow during those few months.  The oldest (hatched first) was the bravest and had a strong personality.  The second was more attached and protective of the youngest.  The third took longer to learn to fly and was more demanding of attention.  It was fascinating to see how character developed in each of these three.

The camera is turned off near the end of June each year since the birds are then flying and heading out on their own but the site is showing clips from this year's "season".  Shortly after the camera turned off for the season, the oldest of them met an ill fate when coming in contact with a utility pole.   It shook through the online community and the group's facebook page.  Folks who had cheered on the growing birds felt a deep loss.

This November the camera will be turned back on, and I will be checking in to see the parents settle in again.  But until then, there are other sites to view.  Among them are:

Missouri Turkey Vultures  Camera set in the barn were these are being raised.

Africam There are some great webcams (and video feeds) here that kids will enjoy.  You might be lucky enough to see an elephant at the watering hole.  (When watching from the eaastern U.S., it's best to try early morning due to the time difference.  This is outside in real time so there are no lights.) check your clocks for time zone difference.)

Kalakotkas An Osprey nest in Estonia.  Again, please check your clock.  Early morning may be the best time to watch.    (*update: this webcam was not on over the past few days.  I hope it comes back soon.  The Osprey are beautiful.)

Watch a little bit of Nature that you don't normally get to see.  I hope you enjoy these links!


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Brad K. said...

10 years ago I followed a "back home in Iowa" link,

This is a shot out of an establishment on the Iowa Great Lakes. In summer you see the docks go up om the shore, boats pull in and out. In winter you see the docks pulled out for the season, the lake ice over, the ice shacks go out. At a frame every ten minutes or so, it wasn't that exciting . . except, it kind of was. They still show the lake, the weather, from the same angle.