Thursday, November 10, 2011

If you're looking for it, it's out there on the web....somewhere!

(Please note that this post is not intended to stir up a political debate.  On this blog I do not discuss "politics", but that which revolves around it.  That being said......)

Shame on

I choose to be an informed citizen and am a bit of a news-hound.  So I wanted to watch the debate last night but, having no television, found that the sponsoring station (CNBC) did not run a live feed on their free access website.  Instead, they chose to show it on their premium site,

By contrast, earlier this year the PBS-sponsored debate was shown on the PBS website and the Washington Post-sponsored debate was shown on their site, both gratis.

Funny thing about the internet, though.  I was able to watch the debate without paying a premium.....on a European website  ;)

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Maria said...

I'm glad you found it and you are right, just about anything can be found on the web!