Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Night Sew-In tonight!

The other day I revisited some blogs in my bookmarks and found that tonight is scheduled for Friday Night Sew-In, the once-per-month evening dedicated to creativity hosted by Heidi.  I've participated many times this year and eagerly signed up for tonight's party.  After all, I've got some projects already begun.....

I found quite a few great knitting books this past summer at the secondhand stores.  Last week I chose a pattern and some yarn to make a vest for myself (unlike the last few years where I knit gifts for everyone else ;)

It was relaxing to let my fingers fly over sections of patternless pieces, laughing at the thought of passing slipped stitches over and tracking k2, p3, k8, or RSS and t2r.  Somewhat zen-like.

The three sections need to be blocked (tonight) so that I can assemble them and add the neckline garter edging tomorrow.

And tonight I will also be tackling this.......

I'm moving away from my more traditional color schemes to stretch my imagination :)

Have a great Friday!


MyStory of HiStory said...

You are going to be busy tonight! Hmmm ... anxious to see what you use those fabrics for in the last pic. My next quilt is a similar color scheme. I'm gonna go post a sneak peak now :)

Maria said...

Looking forward to seeing the knitted vest.

I like those fall color fabrics!