Saturday, October 29, 2011

Catching up

The least few days were spent on a whirlwind road trip to northern New England.  Along with seeing some friends and family, I had a few errands to complete.  I brought my lap quilt to a shop where I once did hand quilting on consignment.  I'm thrilled to reconnect with the creative folks there and look forward to working with them again.

I also sold some sports equipment that sat in my storage room but the money from the sale didn't sit in my pocket for very long.  It was spent at my next stop, a secondhand shop where I found the car-mount bike rack that I had bookmarked on my laptop some time ago.  This very slightly used model was priced at one-fifth the online price :-D  (And, of course, I wouldn't have to pay  for shipping.)  his rack doesn't interfere with the rear wiper and has side straps to prevent sway and tipping.  But my favorite perk is the great clamps.  It installs in seconds instead of a half hour of adjusting and tightening the straps of my previous rack.

Thursday evening was beautiful, cool, and crisp.  We went for a walk around the shopping area in town before a light dinner.  It was so enjoyable to see the shop windows changed for autumn and all the lights on the streets.  I haven't taken many photos lately and had forgotten about the delay before the picture actually snaps on my camera.  I apologize for the fuzziness on this photo.  I guess I'll have to go back to get a better shot ;)

I did discover that 5:00pm on a Friday is NOT the time to drive through Northampton, MA.  On my ride home I wanted to find Webs, enticed by the billboard on I-91 for this huge yarn store.  Unfortunately, it took 20 minutes to drive about 2 miles off exit 18 and I never found the store.  (I has passed the street where I should have turned.)  Fortunately, because traffic was moving so slowly I was able to see a lot of interesting shops.  I'll be taking a trip back there some Saturday morning with comfortable walking shoes.

I stayed inside today.  The October snowstorm started here before noon and I really don't need to go out for anything.  The tree branches (still in full leaf) are covered with snow and heavily bent.  The predictions of possible power outages from toppled branches are coming true, many folks are without electricity.  I'm all set with plenty of easily accessible food.  I've just taken this Apple Almond Ginger Cake from the oven.  It smells won.der.ful!

(Note: This post was delayed. The power went out 4 hours ago, as I was typing. This end of the city was part of the 500,000 homes out of power in southern CT.)

Stay well!


Impera_Magna said...

Hope your power doesn't go out again... stay warm!

Maria said...

I hope all is well in your part of the state - that Quilt is absolutely fabulous!

MyStory of HiStory said...

Sounds like you enjoyed your road trip. Very nice job on that lovely quilt! Glad you were able to hunker down and endure/enjoy the storm from the inside out!

rosie said...

Your quilt is beautiful.. I have been hearing some terrible stories of storms over near you.. Stay safe..