Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The thrift score

The one lesson of thrift shopping is that you never find what you're looking for on any given day.  It's certainly not like going to Macys or JCPenneys to buy a pair of black trousers for work.  Instead, you approach thrifting with an open mind and look for possibilities.

Which is why I couldn't find anything I liked that could be remade into some nice summer tops but came home with two small bags, anyway.

Along my drive to the store I told myself I would not even LOOK through the housewares and miscellaneous tables....and when I arrived I made quick work through the clothing, finding nothing.  Tables are rotated regularly, meaning that they remove a few and replace them with "fresh" ones.  They are constantly going through donations in the back room and bringing them onto the sales floor.  So, in hopes of finding something useful, I decided to wait for new goods to appear.  That's when I broke my resolution and started browsing through the miscellaneous......and stumbled upon a great stash of unused (factory-folded!) sewing patterns from the 1970s (my era!!!)

I couldn't believe that I had found so many unused patterns in one place and that no one had grabbed them before me!  But that's the second lesson in thrift may get to the goods before someone else....or vice versa.  The patterns were scattered through several bins so I worked like a reality-show contestant, flipping through them and tossing them in my basket.  Only one gentleman realized what I was doing and pointed out more near him.

I'm sure I won't keep all of them.  (I've sold bundles of patterns through Craigslist before and may do it again.)  But some of these are just too good to be true.  I still love some of those 70s styles.....

Neat stuff!

I love the old "Poet's" style blouses

Simplicity # 8402 would be a style wearable today :)

When they brought out more clothing bins, I found two dressy lightweight "toppers" to wear over sleeveless shells to work.  Not really what I was looking for but not half bad for a Sunday ;)

P.S.  I worked around my photo-posting problem by uploading through the Edit HTML tab with my fingers crossed.  Where there's a will, there's definitely a way  :)


Impera_Magna said...

Score! What an exciting find... oh yes, I remember the '70s well.

Congratulations on finding a way around the photo posting prob!

Vintage Cate said...

What a great find! Those 70's styles bring back memories.