Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Retro bonus points

Airlines give bonus miles.  Credit cards give points for every purchase.  Some give cash back.  But rewarding shopper loyalty can be traced back for quite a while.  I remember being 8 years old and arranging little green or blue stamps in booklets, received for grocery purchases.  After our weekly grocery shopping, we came home with a few bags of food and some stamps.

There was a catalog of products and their "point value" (how many filled booklets you would need) and a redemption outlet somewhere nearby where you could make your trade.  I remember electric percolators and other basic kitchenware but I think there were folding lawn chairs among the choices.  And these were quality goods....Sunbeam, GE, Black & Decker....when things were made to last  ;)

During a thrifting trip this spring I found a stack of S&H Green Stamp booklets and couldn't resist looking through them.  I was amazed that someone held onto them all these years.  The operation has been gone for about 40 years and most likely won't be back.  But they kept these in a box or drawer.

As I looked through them, another woman told me she remembered them.  We talked about sticking all those stamps for our parents.  She asked if they were now valuable.  No, not monetarily.  But they'd make fun labels or stickers on holiday gifts this year to my siblings who would get a smile at seeing them again.  So I picked up a few.  So did she.

A few weeks later I was surprised when a friend told me about a service station which still sported a large S&H sign on their storefront.  I just had to get that picture.

Like the booklet says, "for life's extra pleasures"   :)

How about you?  Do you remember S&H green stamps?  Or Triple S blue stamps?


Mary said...

oh yes! I even used these as late as 1972 :-)

Impera_Magna said...

Oh yes indeedy... I remember green stamps AND sticking them in little books and redeeming them and looking at all the catalogs....

What fun you found some

MyStory of HiStory said...

I have vague memories of S&H greenstamps. My parents used them ...I believe they got the coffee table that was in our living room with them - and it was handed down to me for my living room when I got married. Eventually we got rid of it -- but now I kinda wish i'd kept it.

Whatta fun/nostalgic post :)

The Curious Cat said...

ah...what a find! Must bring forth some nostalgia! xxx