Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cutting done, and it was fun

The u-pick strawberry farm nearby is down to their last berries and the picking was slim.  Storms and committments kept me from getting back there to load up the freezer.  Oh, I'll be thinking about those sweet red berries missing from my oatmeal this winter..... but I'm determined to load up on blueberries when those are ready.  I may even take an afternoon off from work to make sure I've got a supply on hand  :)

This week proved to be a bit busier than I had planned, so I JUST finished cutting the background blocks for the KQAL last night.  I had washed and ironed the white material, so I set out to cut the strips and stacked them in rows of four, as suggested.  Before I knew it, they were done!  (With interruptions for dinner and phone calls!)  Now I envy all those KQAL crafters who used store-bought fabric and zipped right through the cutting!  Trying to get the most from odd-shaped aprons set me back on time, but I'd do it again if I had to.  I'm happy with the scrappy look.

I'll be playing with the layout this weekend.  It will be a challenge to make sure no identical pieces are placed side by side.  My living room floor will be my "design wall"  ;)

I'll be blog-hoppping tonight to catch up on everyone's KQAL progress and see what all my blogging friends have been doing this summer.  Dashing to work now.  Have a great day!

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Mug said...

Hi Farmgal! This is Mug:)
I see you have been quite busy while I have been "gone". Love this new quilt you are making. I have thoughts (so far that's all) of a quilt for my coming grandchild meandering through my head...we'll see if it ever comes to fruition:(