Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Out and about

I've just returned from northern New England, having spent a very long weekend with friends and family.  I could easily turn around and drive back today for another bunch of hugs from my grandchildren.  I had a wonderful visit and miss them so much already!  I have another trip planned in early June, so I'll be counting down the days  :)

The bad news is that the continued rainfall in Vermont has done considerable damage which hasn't been in the spotlight of the national press.  There are flooded homes, camps, and businesses along Lake Champlain and many of the state's rivers.  The water in the foreground of this photo is covering a field.  Those camps in the background are now in the water.  Just outside the edge of the photo there are several propane tanks (large ones for heating the buildings), which were gathered as they had been floating in the water.

Much of the bikepath has been destroyed and is expected to be closed for the summer.  With the damage to roads and homes, I'm sure the path will be low on the list to be repaired, and rightfully so.  There are many roads destroyed by erosion, and some are still covered with water.

It has been raining since late April and it is expected to continue for the next week.  I'm sending up a few prayers for sunshine and warm winds to help clear the water away, and hoping that the restoration is speedy for everyone affected by this.

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Impera_Magna said...

You're right... I've read/heard nothing of this... how sad... sending out good thoughts for lots of sunshine in the days ahead!