Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My favorite time of year

The spent blooms of the happy yellow daffodils stand back, now that they have heralded the arrival of Spring.  Hyacinths have  followed them, and tulips are now ready to pass.  Everywhere, violets are spreading their pretty faces across lawns that will soon be mowed.
The forsythia came and went, echoing the bright sunshine of the daffodils.  This week the lavender azeleas are shedding their petals.
The tulip trees have covered lawns and sidewalks with pink flowers, and cherry trees are now making a beautiful pinkish-purple view along the sides of the road.
This has been a spectacular Spring.  I’ve been enjoying it more than any other, to my recent memory.  I’ve been busy, but I’ve had my eyes open to the colors and shapes and rebirth of Nature.  Eveywhere I’ve gone, I’ve seen beauty.
But the best is yet to come.  Of all the Spring colors, two of my many favorites are the dogwood and the lilac.  The first is just opening now, with it’s graceful arms and four-bracts of creamy white or precious pink.  I’ve always loved the dogwood, most likely because my parents also did.  My father (who worked in construction) brought home a dogwood tree dug from a wooded area that was being cleared.  It thrived under my mother’s care (and natural “green” thumb), and gave a beautiful display every year.

When I was young, each Spring we would get lilacs branches from some friend or neighbor.  Years later, I had several lilacs in my yard.  I’ve always enjoyed that heavenly scent.  The deeper the color of the flower and the greater the fragrance, the more I treasured it.  I love the way the stems of the lilac bush would gracefully reach skyward, and sometimes an odd branch might twist itself around another.
I know that someday I will again be growing lilacs.  And underneath them will be a patch of lily of the valley.  Because you can never have too much of a good thing J

I hope you've been enjoying a wonderful Spring!


Impera_Magna said...

I never saw lilacs until I did a road trip with a friend to western NY over Memorial Day weekend... so incredibly beautiful... and the fragrance is heavenly!

Mug said...

We, too, love dogwood, and have just this spring planted several small ones in the woods around our house. Of course, that means we have to literally carry buckets of water to water them if it doesn't rain for several days.....Keeps us strong! :-)

Please let me know if you add any vintage
x-small maternity clothes to your Etsy shop...I would love to purchase some for my daughter!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi Impera,
They're wonderful, aren't they?

Hi Mug,
You must be very excited about the new addition! I'll keep an eye out when I go scouting for vintage this weekend :)

Mary said...

What gorgeous pictures-thanks for sharing!

Maria said...

My mom just picked lilacs today......they make the kitchen smell great!

farmlady said...

We are enjoying a beautiful Spring too. Must be all the late rain. Everything is thriving outside.
I loved reading your remembrance of Lilacs when you were a young girl and the Dogwood tree brought home by your father. These are wonderful childhood memories.
You will have Lilacs again, my friend. They are always "a good thing" and, you're right.... there is no such thing as "too much".

MyStory of HiStory said...

Indeed it has been a spectacular Spring so far! My husband & I went for a walk in the woods last evening and the trees are practically bursting w/ fresh, bright green "new life" ... such an amazing & inspirational time of year. And for whatever reason it seems SO incredibly beauty-FULL this year in particular.