Tuesday, March 8, 2011


First, you'll see that I haven't disappeared! My mother had an appointment today, which I attended, and I took time this past weekend to relax. You know.....relax.....coffee, late breakfast, radio, deep clean the bedroom, sew, iron, bake cookies, do laundry. That kind of relax.

It's still a bit on the chilly side, here. Our snow is almost gone, and what's left is small, very dirty mounds. It's been in the 40's, but the wind makes it feel colder. I'm not acually complaining....I'm just wishing out loud ;)

The daffodils are just peeking through the ground about one to two inches. And if we get more sunshine this week, the grass will start greening up :) I can even say there's that orange glow to the willow trees, if you look at them in the right light. Before you know it, the farmers' markets will be setting up!

I've already told my bike buddy that I'm ready to carry mine up from the basement and take a spin. I'm anxious to get some miles on it already!

Funny how time speeds up at certain points in the year. Winter drags on and all of a sudden, it's a pleasant, sunny spring-ish day! I hope you're enjoying all the changes this time of year. Whether you are only enjoying an occasional sunny day, or you're watching those lilac buds swelling. No matter where you are, have a great Wednesday!

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Maria said...

I'm so glad you relaxed!? Aren't we women crazy what we think is relaxing as compared to what men think?

Anyway, spring is almost here. We just need to get through the monsoon this coming week! That will get rid of all that dirty snow!