Monday, January 31, 2011

Updates: One Small Change, The Anyway Project, FNSI

It has been quite a while since I updated my progress on these challenges. Here's how life has been going.....

One Small Change: (link here and here)
  • My January change was for going without electricity on Tuesday nights, which I actually enjoyed on three evenings out of the four this month. I was able to have dinner without cooking and read for a while using only solar light. I don't think I'll keep this as a regular habit until daylight lengthens later this spring, but I will be doing it again.
  • All my other changes have become ingrained habit, especially the cold-brewed coffee. My coffeemaker is still packed away :) (You can check the posts with my many changes by choosing the OneSmallChange label or "tag".)
  • I haven't picked a "change" for February, but I'll be reading everyone else's choices to see if one strikes me.

The Anyway Project: (link here and here)
  • I buttoned up the condo as well as I could and I'm following my "budget".
  • My little pantry is working extremely well.
  • Two years ago I set up a shopfront in etsy and I'm getting very close to opening. My love of all things vintage had gotten the best of me and I need to find happy homes for all my treasures.
  • I've started back at the gym since it's too cold to be on the bikepath ;)
  • I've been getting to know a few of my neighbors better. Funny how many interesting conversations start while shoveling and cleaning snow off cars! I've made a new friend who offered to bring in my mail while I was away, for which I surprised her with a small gift of syrup from up north :)

Friday Night Sew In: (link here and here)
  • I loved it and can't wait for February's sign-up! It was a chance to sit down and re-design my quilt top, something I had been putting off. Now I'm cutting pieces to start the applique work.

This isn't the life I had imagined I'd be living when I moved back to the city. It's a much better one.


Impera_Magna said...

Wow... going w/o electricity is a huge change but I can see it being an interesting one! Looking forward to visiting your Etsy store and I'm getting ready for the next FNSI too!

Canadian Doomer said...

Cold brewed coffee? Do you mean that you drink it cold?

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi folks,
Thanks for stopping by!

I've eliminated using the coffeemaker and just do a super-quick warmup in the microwave. I've been using this method for a year already! If you want to see how it's done, my post about it is here: