Saturday, January 8, 2011

The unseen side

Picture, if you will, an idyllic vision of beautiful New England snow covered farms with smoke wafting from farmhouse chimneys. Farm animals with a blanket of fresh snow covering their backs. Icy streams whose banks are pure white mounds of snow. Yes, it really does exist.

Okay, shake that off and read what happened in the snowstorm that hit southwestern Connecticut yesterday. The winter weather caused heavy tallies for collisions, including a tractor trailer that slid into two firetrucks, totalling them. Unfortunately, all the conditions were right for a major problem; temps hovering around freezing, light snow coming down early during the storm creating icy roads, then heavy snow building up on that ice. And these are New England drivers who know how to drive in this stuff. Yes, the town and state trucks were out early, salting the roads. I had no problem getting to work. But by the time work let out on Friday afternoon, it was a mess. One co-worker who left early called back in to tell us that Route 8 was a complete parking lot. They had been sitting there for the past hour. Luckily, I live very close to work and the traffic going in my direction was somewhat better. My ten minute trip only took 30 minutes.

Okay, if it's so bad, why am I here? I was born in New England. I've lived through the good and the bad. It's part of me, and I couldn't see myself anywhere else. Just as anyone from the south or the midwest or the west coast loves where they are. That's what makes us who we are. It's nice to visit other locales but there's no place like home, right? Now, I think I'll get back to that vision of the small farm on the side of that icy stream.....

And if you haven't tried this,, are you missing something delicious! I premixed the ingredients last night and baked it this morning. Topped with a spoonful of brown sugar, it is heavenly. (You know I don't toss around strong adjectives loosely;)

Take a run over to Pattycake's blog for the full recipe. It's easy and oh-so-good!

Have a great weekend! I'm heading out to work.....after another helping of oatmeal.....


farmlady said...

Isn't this the kind of weather that comes in Winter in your neck of the woods? The news media makes such a big commotion over these storms. I thought that this was the kind of weather that the northeast and Midwest always got. I'm I mistaken? Is it worse this year?
I copies the recipe for the overnight oatmeal. It looks so good. Thanks.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi farmlady,

The overnight oatmeal is so good, I'm making another batch and sharing with my mother. With just a quick reheat in the microwave, it's a great way to start the day.

Over all N.E. snowstorms happen often, but in the southern section we may only get one bad one every other year or so, although it seems to be happening more often over the last few years. (And really takes a toll on the state budget for salt, road plowing, and overtime. One bad storm can take days to clear away!)

In the more urban areas, it causes chaos. Kinda makes you think..... ;)