Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Snowy Wednesday

It is a complete yardstick ;)

I wouldn't try to fool you!

I cleared the snow away from the exhaust before I started my car.

For living in a very densely populated area, snow seems to turn down the volume on sound. It was so pleasantly quiet outside!

More to come later....I just came in to dry off and have a cuppa tea :)
P.S. It sounds like there's going to be a lot of good eating going on in N.E. kitchens today! So many great cooks are whipping up hearty meals. What a perfect day for it. Mmmmm.....


Mug said...

Oh my! Almost 24 inches?! How DO you walk from house to car....Do you have to shovel a path first? And we get excited about 2 inches here in the South...You should see us trying to make snowmen...Quite a sight!

Canadian Doomer said...

By anyone's definition, 24" is a lot of snow. :)

Mug, to walk in 2' of snow, you need good boots and preferably snow pants overtop. Otherwise, snow fills your pant leg and that's just a miserable feeling. And then you lift your legs and take steps like a little kid climbing stairs. It's slow-going, but it's definitely possible.