Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Scheduling time

Isn't it ironic that we now have to "schedule" time for relaxing or "pencil in" a lunch date? I smiled when I stumbled onto Heidi's blog, realizing that she came up with a good solution to (1) getting unfinished projects done and (2) giving crafters a platform to showcase their wares. On a given Friday night each month, Heidi holds a "Sew-in". Crafty bloggers have permission to devote the evening to their passion (sewing passion, that is!), and post about it the next day.

I had been feeling like something was missing from my life and wouldn't you know, I think it was my sewing. I've signed up for this next round (along with 95 other folks, as of this moment), and I'm feeling better already ;)

So two nights from now I'll be working on a quilt top that I had drafted last Autumn. This is the first of a set to be made from vintage aprons and housedresses. I'll be posting a show-and-tell with photos of my progress on Saturday, so be sure to stop by this weekend.

Please stop by Handmade by Heidi, to check out the other participants. With so many in the group, there's plenty of inspiration!

Want to get out your fabric scraps and join the party?! How about getting a head start on those handmade Christmas gifts now and have a stress-free holiday this year?

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