Thursday, December 23, 2010

Buttoned up

Hi, what’cha doing?

Not much, just ironing this drop cloth. The heavy one.

That’s what my sister heard when she called last week. She thought I was a bit off, ironing a painter’s drop cloth. So I explained to her that I would be using it for a (very) heavyweight curtain to help keep out the cold from the sliding door to my deck.

I did decide to put up the shrinkable plastic on the inside of the door to seal out drafts. It pulled tight and clear. I’ve used this stuff on windows many times over the years and found the best procedure is to affix the top, bottom, and sides, in that order. Wielding a huge piece of plastic was easy when following the same routine. I left my vertical blinds up since that is safer than storing the six foot plastic slats anywhere else. Over all that is this drop cloth drapery, hanging from a $5 sash rod. The rod is just barely perceptible without the cloth so I’ll leave it up when winter is through.

And what results did I achieve from all this? I can now sit comfortably at the kitchen counter in the morning, drinking coffee and reading news online. It’s still cool because the thermostat is turned down, but it’s not c.o.l.d. or drafty. I’ve sat here listening to the wind howling out there on one particular morning without even a shiver.

Total cost: $25.00 – with leftover material. There are too many variables between one winter and the next to know whether it will make a difference on my usage of heating fuel, but my comfort level has improved.

The bay window in the living room may also get a treatment.

And those fold lines and wrinkles? They don't all iron out. But, then again, what does? ;)

Have a wonderful (warm) day!

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MyStory of HiStory said...

Great idea - to use a dropcloth! We closed up an area downstairs w/ thermal drapes & and have them upstairs in two doorways to close off the main part of the house. It does make a difference ...esp when the fireplace or the oven is on - it really keeps that heat nicely contained. However both upstairs & in part of the downstairs we used two sets of thermal drapes ...this way they are heavier & look nice on both sides - but were more expensive to do that way too! Downstairs we stretched heavy rope across to hang them on & it worked great/looks nice and that saved a lot of money (Long rods are expensive!) & it will be easy to take down. Perhaps I'll do a similar post sometime soon. There are so many creative ways to save energy. I'd love to buy window quilts but they're REALLY expensive. I really like your drop cloth idea tho as even to purchase material & attempt to make them would likely be quite costly.