Sunday, November 14, 2010

Step by step by step

It was a long week, coming home from work in the dark after turning the clocks back last Sunday. It's taking time to reset my internal clock after being on my own schedule while I was homebound. (It only seems like each day has less than 24 hours.) But I've made use of the evening hours by going through my checkbook entries for 2010 to set up next year’s spreadsheet for my budget. I've used this particular one in the past with great success and have confidence in being able to follow it again.

After doing my arm exercises for the day and sitting with the ice pack on my shoulder, I work on my plans for the holidays. I’ve flagged some candy recipes to make for gift packages this year. These are from an older book that I have used before, Homemade Candy by the Food Editors of Farm Journal, from 1970. The directions are clear and inviting. Their homemade marshmallow recipe is sooooo good.

I also completed the first present for the holidays. But I'm not telling who the recipient will be in case word gets out ;)

My in-process vanilla is starting to turn dark. These will be hand-delivered in January, once they've been packaged in pretty jars.

I’ve also started checking grocery store flyers online for filling my mini-pantry. I won’t waste gas by driving from store to store, but will judge the sales each week to see where I can save the most, based on my personal needs/use. I’m planning on a six month supply of non-perishables, including canned goods and bulk bin items that I regularly use (nuts, grains, etc.) Luckily, one of the stores near my workplace has the best buys this week. I’ll drop by before work on Monday, and fill the car at a gas station with lower prices while I’m there.

And, perhaps the most important duty of all, I replaced the battery in my smoke alarm. Have you?


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

your kitchen looks so cozy with those little jars and cookie that vanilla in the jars? oh, one of the things on my list too is to make marshmallows this year. i never have done it. love your Farm Journal cookbook too....i just LOVE those old cookbooks....

happy to visit today
kary and teddy

farmlady said...

The knitted blanket turned out just lovely. I need to learn that wavy pattern. It's beautiful.
Keep doing your exercises and you will be back to normal by the Holidays. Isn't it amazing how much you can get done when you are recovering?
Take care and keep showing us good ways to live.

MyStory of HiStory said...

That afghan (scarf??) looks so soft, cuddly & warm. Pretty color too!

The Curious Cat said...

Sounds like things are ticking along nicely! Can't wait to hear more about your vanilla and what a lovely blanket! Do tell us what candy you plan to make too! xxx

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hello everyone,
Thanks for stopping by today :)

It's actually a scarf but could be made into an afghan so easily by increasing the needle size and yarn thickness! Thanks for giving me the idea! P.S. the instructions are over at the SelfishSeamstress. There's a link in my "envy" post.

I'll post photos of the candy before I package it up for shipping to family and friends (recipes included.)