Monday, November 29, 2010

One Small Change (for the holidays) update

Today's One Small Change post will partner nicely with tomorrow's post regarding updates on my following of The Anyway Project. But, rather than get a step ahead, here's what I've worked on this month for my One Small Change of holiday gifts with minimal waste of resources.

My homemade vanilla is coloring nicely. The two bottles are gifts that will be delivered in January.

I completed one knitted gift. (Only one this year.)

A furry friend will be getting homemade doggie biscuits from a recipe that I found online.

The candy recipes that I will be making two weeks from now have been finalized. (All baking and cooking is scheduled close enough to "gifting" time so everything will be as fresh as possible.)

I have made deposits into educational savings accounts.

Some will be receiving restaurant certificates and movie passes.

And, for the practical gift, maybe some (store bought) union suits or great wool socks.

Be sure to stop over at Hip Mountain Mama's One Small Change site to see what everyone has been doing! Newcomers are always welcome to join in!


MyStory of HiStory said...

Great gifts! You have things so well planned out (I know you say that's the key!) Those on the end are sure to be delighted.... I'm picturing that furry friend in particular :)

Mary said...

Love your list of homemade with love gifts.