Sunday, November 7, 2010

Even chocolate mistakes

....can be good!

Oh, how we wander across the interwebs! During yesterdays trip through the 'net I stumbled upon a recipe for Cocoa No Knead Bread posted on Juls' Kitchen. Her descriptive writing was too much for my willpower, so I set out to bake one.

Her recipe is not in my accustomed U.S. measurements, so I used one of my favorite sites, We were warned about the coming metric system in Home Ec class back in the sixties but that knowledge has fallen by the wayside. So, with a little online help I guesstimated the weights, volumes, and oven temperature.

My second setback was not having enough flour. I substituted half with whole wheat flour. It was a gamble, I know, but I really wanted to try this bread after reading about it. I also goofed by not pre-mixing the dry ingredients before adding the wet ones (thus, the swirl effect in the bread.)

End result: Mmmmmm! I don't know whether to dab on some butter or run out for a jar of marshmallow topping. But even plain - it goes good with a cup of tea.

Stretch your culinary limits! It doesn't have to be fois gras.

After this one is gone, I'll be trying one of the Banana breads that Mug suggested the other day. Bananas are on my grocery list.


farmlady said...

It's always fun to try something new. What the heck if it doesn't turn out right. It's fun to "stretch your culinary limits". I just made pumpkin cupcakes for Halloween that were on Giada De Laurentiis show on the food network. I thought they looked easy and they were so pretty. I would never make them again.
The flavor was just not good and they were too moist, almost soggy. You just never know, so you have to keep experimenting. That's the fun of it.
Banana bread is always a good choice. Keep stretching....

cindy said...

I came here by way of Over good ground.
The bread looks so good. I wonder what it would be like with hot fudge and ice cream??


The Curious Cat said...

ooo that would be lovely for breakfast...I want a slice!!! xxx

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi farmlady,
What a shame about the cupcakes! Every once in a while I come across one recipe that doesn't work, but the good ones make up for that!

Welcome Cindy!
Hot fudge and ice cream - I like the way you think :)

Hi C.C.
I've been having a plain slice with my coffee, and it's quite satisfying.

P.S. Most of it is in the freezer, so it won't disappear too fast ;)