Sunday, October 31, 2010

One Small Change (getting back on track)

In October I went off-track BIG time, as far as Hip Mountain Mama's One Small Change Challenge. I actually planned to break my rules in preparation to anticipated limitations. I bought a roll of paper towels, paper plates, bowls, and a few convenience foods (little fish shaped crackers shouldn't even be considered food.) My biggest sin was bringing the electric coffee maker out of storage.

As with any indiscretion, the end result wasn't enjoyable.

Yes, it made life easy. But the coffee didn't taste as good as the cold-brew I had grown accustomed to. The increase in trash accumulation from paper goods and convenience foods shocked me. And I've yet to see the electric bill.

Friday morning I filled a mason jar with water and ground coffee, and put it in the fridge. I stowed away the rest of the paper goods for emergency use only. The coffeemaker has been washed out and repacked, and there are no more store-bought "goodies" in the house. It's time to get back on track. If it takes something like 60 days for an action to become a habit, the actions I had taken last spring are now the "norm" for me.

I'm headed over to One Small Change. Want to tag along?


lisa said...

I am going to join you in making small challenges..I do not use paper products except for paper towels because I have cats and dogs that barf sometimes...they are used for that purpose only..I love collecting dish towels..and I use them all the time...Lisa

Hip Mountain Mama said...

Feels good to get back on track doesn't it!
I am going to link to your blog post today over at one small change so others can read about your change!
suzy :)