Thursday, September 23, 2010

Self-Stitching for the first day of Fall

Let's skip over Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday since I've been wearing repeats, and fast forward to Thursday, the first full day of Autumn. I'll be wearing my vest (doesn't this look like the first day of school?!) ...

... refashioned from this 1970's style bias-cut skirt.

I used some black moire from the box-o'-stash for the lining. And I salvaged the 7-inch skirt zipper for future projects (waste not, want not.)

I'll be away for the weekend, and bringing casual homemade clothing. There won't be any "new" old outfits. I'll catch up with everyone next week, but tomorrow I'm off to see some colorful foliage and find a bucketful of new apples. Have a wonderful first Autumn weekend!


Yiota said...

I'm impressed! It looks great!

Maria said...

Great vest - I'm always impressed.

Have a great weekend - I'm heading to upstate NY for the same thing - friends and foliage and a new camera!! Enjoy your time away!

Mary said...

It's really nice!! Where's your lunch money?

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

Wow! The plaid-and-vest combo is very "up" in trends! And you managed to make it look professional, too. Nice job :)

It makes me think of school... and polo for some reason. A very sophisticated sport!