Monday, September 13, 2010

S3 Mon thru Thurs

I found this black dress at the secondhand store.

It's some sort of jersey-ish knit, smooth and very stretchy. I guessed that there was a lot of usable material in that dress. So I made this:

a headband. Ta-da!

Well, actually, I made this first:

a bodysuit using this pattern as a general guide

My intended redesign was sidetracked due to the center front seam in the dress. The front of the bodysuit couldn't be cut in one piece, but I was able to cut a front yoke in one piece, and then fashioned pieced mid-front and pant sections. The pattern called for a 20 inch zipper but because the fabric is so stretchy I used one that is 7 inches, and probably could have used none at all. I want to find some fold over elastic to replace the elastic casings on the leg openings. JoAnn Fabrics doesn't carry it so I'll have to look online.

I love the feel of this fabric. The fiber content label had been cut from the dress so I'm just guessing it's some sort of poly/something/blend. It hand washes easily. I'll be wearing it today with black pants and a grey jacket.

For Tuesday I'm wearing a blouse made from two men's shirts, one white and one plaid.

Refashioning has unique obstacles, especially when the pattern pieces take more "square footage" of fabric than you might imagine. Sometimes you have to be extra creative, or just fudge it. Like this bit with the front and back sleeve pattern pieces. I pinned them together and cut them as a single piece.

But I'm happy with the outcome. And the collar really stands much nicer when it's sitting on real shoulders ;) (I skipped the front and back neck facings, opting to just make a piece of bias binding to cover the edges. And I used the existing front buttonholes on the men's shirt to make it really easy.)

I'm going biking with friends after work on Wednesday, so at 5pm I'll be donning my white sport top.

And my re-sized dress is lined up for Thursday, so that I look smart for the annual condo association meeting.

My apologies for the repeats, but I am sticking to the "something self-made every day" pledge. I'll be scattering in new items as they are stitched.

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lisa said...

You are quite talented....They came out real nice. I always love seeing what you transform things out of...Have a fantastic week...Lisa

Mary said...

This is an inspirational post for me. I would love to be able to take 2 shirts and make one. Impatience gets in the I will "star" this and come back to it many times for help. I love how you put the sleeve pieces together-clever!!

Anonymous said...

Never would I have guessed what had become of that dress. Your combination for today looks very chic to me, like it might have been bought in a boutique or so. I love how you think out of the box in terms of refashioning items.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Thanks, everyone.

Hi Lisa,
I hope your week goes well, too. Maybe the weather will co-operate so you can work on the deck!

Hi Mary,
Considering how beautiful your outfits are, I am tickled to get the compliment. :)

Hi phem,
I block out the actual dress and just look at the material. However, I won't cut into any really good vintage dresses that should be saved as they are.

MyStory of HiStory said...

Ok --- bodysuits must rank right up their with swimsuits & wedding dresses as some of the most difficult things to sew let alone to refashion make from some other totally different piece of clothing! Very impressive :) I hafta think you must be well on your way to accomplishing your goal with all the refashions you've posted recently. You are focused! :)

Maria said...

Again, that is amazing!

Scruffybadger said...

You are so clever! I especially love the red blouse with white collar - it is so cute!