Friday, September 10, 2010

S3 for Friday and the weekend

I would feel like a slacker, except I know about my big project that going on in the background ;)

So please excuse my unimaginative line-up for the weekend ...

Friday was cooler, so it was perfect to wear the posey-festooned sweater I made last month. AND the matching shell I found at the thrift store last week! How about that?! An ivory colored top of the (almost) same knit to the former men's two-button pullover that I snipped and stitched into a light cardi. Now I have a sweater set.

Saturday and Sunday will be a mixture of errands and long walks by the shore, so I'm just repeating any of my hand-made sport tops that I've been wearing and you've seen in previous posts.

Next week you'll see what I've done to this dress ...

You won't recognize it ;)

It has cooled down a bit here. We've definitely got "get outside and do something" weather! I hope that's what you've got this weekend, too. Enjoy!


Mary said...

Oh, can't wait to see the "after" shot of that dress. It seems a bit shapeless right now. In response to your Q about my well, I have not blogged about it but that is a good idea. The whole system is home made and even plumbers are confused by it. I will take some photographs and try, just try, to explain it.

Maria said...

I can't wait to see the "new" dress (or shirt) (or ?)!!!!!