Saturday, September 18, 2010

S3 for Fri, Sat, Sun

I've found that I underestimated the effort necessary to create a wardrobe of self-stitched clothing large enough to fill an entire month. My evenings at the sewing machine have dropped off a bit, so I will be wearing more "repeats" this coming week. My admiration for all those who wisely had self-made stock on hand before SSS began!

One Friday I wore the blue refashioned men's dress shirt, light and easy dressing for a casual Friday at work.

I found a vintage dress that I loved for it's sweet simplicity. The lightweight knit has a small floral design, and the shaping comes from a slight gather at the neckline and waist detail.

It's too casual for the office so I turned it into a bodysuit to be worn with jeans. (I still haven't found the fold over elastic!) This is my Saturday outfiit.

For Sunday, I'm wearing a sport top and getting on my bike. No pins, no scissors, no thread. Just the sun and the wind.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Mug said...

CuTe top! I love navy blue and classic!