Saturday, September 4, 2010

The messages we leave behind

Just a short note on something I saw today.

It was time to replace the summer flowers at the cemetary with chrysanthemums for the fall, which seemed a shame since the summer flowers were still blooming nicely. But, this is what we do ... we make sure things are pretty. I bought two small bright yellow mums with filled with tight flowerbuds. They'll be sure to last until it's time to plant the daffodil bulbs for spring.

As I drove through the cemetary I noticed a gathering in the area I was headed. An interment was about to take place so I stayed away, out of respect for the mourners. Instead, I went to one of the oldest sections of the cemetary and walked among the headstones. It is full of immigrants from Ireland, Poland, and Italy. My Irish grandmother is in that section, so I stopped by for a moment. Then I read a few of the nearby stones, something I had never done before. It surprised me that so many of the Irish immigrants listed the counties that they came from, showing the pride in their beginnings.

"Parish of Dundalk
County Louth Ireland"

Others had sweet poems on them, like this one:

"Like a rose it's fragrance shedding
Faded their dear ones away
They have gone to bloom in Heaven
Where they wait us day by day."

However, I had to read this one twice, then smiled as I read it the third time. (names changed to protect those involved...)


Died 1894

Aged 68 y'rs


His wife

Died 1881

Aged 60 y'rs


His wife

Died 1910

Aged 80 y'rs

It made me wonder if someone had the last laugh ..... Ah, sweet mysteries of life!

I do believe I'll be going back again to look at more stones. Have a great evening.


farmlady said...

My grandpa remarried after my grandma died much to the dismay of my father, but Grandpa was truly happy in the last years of his life with this new wife. It transformed him and when he died she lived on to over 100 years of age. Dad finally reconciled with her and they became friends.
Ah, sweet mysteries of life.... yes, it's true.

I love walking through old cemeteries. Have you ever done any "rubbings". It's quite an interesting and artistic hobby.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi farmlady,
It's nice when someone finds happiness/love the second time around. It does make for a good mystery, though ;)
I've seen "rubbings" but never tried to make one. The one stone I wanted a transfer of was too far gone to even try. Have you done any?

Anonymous said...

I love the second poem - I had a good laugh at that one. ;) Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog.

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

Indeed! Cemeteries are so enchanting to me, too! I love to look and wonder...

We walk through a beautiful cemetery to go to church every Sunday, and Husband is always having to say, "COME ON!"