Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just take a walk

I walked down a beautiful footpath filled with "dedicated" bricks etched with names and sayings. Most of them were simply engraved with the name of a loved one, or a family. Some were quotes.

At this one I stopped walking. The name needs no introduction. Between an autobiography and television shows, we know all about this woman who "dared" to live a life more full than most. My own troubles disappear when I think of how difficult it was for her to manuver (physically, mentally, emotionally) through her life.

Daring. Dared to beat the odds. Overcame obstacles. Determined. Persevered. Leader.

This brings to mind the question,"If you knew you could not fail, what would you attempt to do?" Do we let small, or perceived, handicaps hold us back from doing what we really want? Whether it be a sport or a career, how many of us let things stand in our way? Certainly, I can create a list of reasons not to try something. Whereas, the list to try it is small, but more founded in reason.

I think I'll go walk down that pathway again. Care to walk along?

Have a wonderful (and thoughtful) day!


Wendy said...

Yes! If I had believed that failure was an option, my life would be so very different ... and probably not quite as fun ;).

Simply Authentic said...

Its amazing that the smallest items can strike such a cord at times. Definitely would dare to do so much more if I knew failing was not an option....what great food for thought! Thanks for sharing with us. Sounds like an incredible stroll for sure :)

The Curious Cat said...

Ah...a great woman...so many great figures out there...it is humbling...I want to be someone great too...though by doing what? These days...I do not know...your question is one to ponder...