Friday, September 3, 2010

Ah, the weekend cometh

Yes, it's Friday! And for most of us in the good ol' USA that means the next three days are work-free since Monday is recognized as Labor Day, and the unofficial end of the summer. Sigh. It may have been the longest summer I have ever lived, the high temps starting early and still hanging on. But because of that, it certainly was my most unproductive. The bike came off the road in August. Even in the evening hours it was too hot and humid to ride. Lunch hours were spent working for the same reason. I am hoping for a small stretch of warm (not hot) weather before Autumn checks in. I still want to go for rides with sleeveless tops and catch the breeze on my shoulders. I'd like to sleep with the windows open instead of using the air conditioner or a fan.

I love the color of this green men's golf shirt. Luckily, it was large so I cut out the pieces to make a top from this older Simplicity pattern.

The fabric was a dream to work with, and I took advantage of the hem, keeping it intact and using it for the hem on my new top. The original shirt had interesting sleeve details, which works well with this top. Talk about comfort! I wish I had found this pattern years ago! I'll definitely be making another one from this.

This is kinda stretching the "business casual" dress code at work, but I really want to wear it today. Think they'll notice? ;)

I'll be wearing my bike tops on Saturday and Sunday. (Hopefully, I'll be on the bike, too.) The pink flowered one was from a women's knit housedress. The purple and white one blends two tops together.

We may or may not be getting heavy rains by the time you read this. If the weather is too rainy this weekend, I'll be inside ... sewing and bread baking :)

Have a great Friday! And sneak in some fun ;)


Maria said...

Wow - very impressive. I have no idea how you do that! Great shirt! I would wear it today. That is definitely business casual - and its a Friday!

Mary said...

Wow!!! I love it, and all the others you linked. The white and fuchsia top is especially nice. Have a nice weekend!

farmlady said...

I love the way you do this. Reinventing old pieces of clothing into something new and pretty takes talent.
Love the shirt....

Anonymous said...

Those tops are awesome! I'd love one of the bike tops for my yoga classes. So pretty!