Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sometimes technology can be a wonderful thing

....and sometimes, not.

Even though you all know about my cooking and cleaning habits, I value my privacy. So, while we may chat about trips, biking, reading, and family, I keep some things to myself. As we all do. As we should. But this article in the NYTimes really caught me by surprise.

It appears that phones with GPS capabilities (not mine) and some cameras (not mine) record the lattitude and longitude of each photo taken. This "stamp" is hidden, but can be located by tech-savvy folks, when posted online. The stamp can be turned off, if the device has it. Did you all know this? It seems a bit creepy to me.

Which then leads me to this more pleasant article about the effects of tech overload, and an experiment by neuro-scientists on a rafting weekend.

Which reminds me, I need to turn this computer off and get ready for work!!!

Have a wonderful day!


Mug said...


Chile said...

Makes me happy to be so low-tech. My old camera doesn't have geotags and I don't use the camera on my cell phone (because it costs too much to get the photos later!)

It took me a couple of years without full-time work to decide that multi-tasking was a bad thing. Too bad employers haven't figured that out yet.

farmlady said...

The first article is chilling but not unexpected.
The second article was very interesting and confirmed what I have thought for a long time. We will let machines take over for us and at some point down the road, our life will be so intertwined with them that we won't be able to maneuver without them. At some point they will overload and stop... but we won't know how to deal with life without all these machines that do everything for us. There will either be a breakdown of civilization at that point or we will let the machines take over. Both scenarios are frightening.
I do think that our brains will change and that each generation will become more attention deficit. It's inevitable and scary.
Have a nice day....

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi Mug,
Funny how it sometimes takes the long way 'round to figure things out, huh?

Hi Chile,
Yes, I'm not so proud to have "multi-tasker" on my resume anymore.

Hi farmlady,
I agree, it all seems to be leading to attention deficit. Maybe we all need regular tech-free vacations so we can bring it all back in balance ;)