Friday, August 20, 2010

Sewing projects - coming soon

Sometimes I get caught up in a whirlwind of activities, as the case has been for the past few weeks. Along with the 9-to-5 and general living duties, there were spur of the moment bike rides, thrifting jaunts, and that weird smell in my car (actually outside or under my car) that prompted me to dash to the car wash. I haven't run over anything, although I've passed a few previously flattened critters on the highway, so something may have stuck. Well, the car is clean and the smell is gone. So it's time to get back to Self-Stitched September.

Driving past the Anthropologie store two weeks ago, something caught my eye. But when I stopped two days later to investigate, I could not find it. Was I hallucinating? In the window there had appeared to be a patchwork skirt in plaids, quite cute and whimsical. I've picked up some thrifted clothing to try to recreate one. If only I had stopped when I saw it, I would have a better model than the "vision" in my memory. I'll be winging it.

I'd like to make this top, and think I can do it by tweaking view 1 of the pattern shown just below it; widening the front and adding pin tucks. And scooping the neck instead of making the collar band.

This pattern has been on my mind. I think the shoulder and sleeves would be great in contrasting fabric. I'm all into easy-to-wear clothing for the office.

Then 2, or more, plain A-line skirts. Basic necessary provisions for work.

I'm not completely slacking, though. I've been working on this. (details coming up soon)

Time to dust off my sewing machine....


MyStory of HiStory said...

You are a busy bee! I really like the top! And the patchwork skirt sounds super cute!

Mug said...

"Winging it" is gOoD! Can't wait to see the finished patchwork "vision" skirt:)

Love the blouse, too, and the color of that yarn is beautiful...When will you be unveiling that creation?

Oh for Heaven's sake! You're making me want to start sewing/creating again...and I have neither time nor space for such at the moment!