Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lesson learned

You know how hectic Monday mornings can be, jolted out of the slower paced weekend by the clock's alarm. Even though you knew it was coming, and your lunch was packed the night before, your pace sometimes doesn't keep up with the time. If something is going to happen, that is the morning it will.

Since I was slightly behind yesterday morning, I wasn't quite paying attention to my surroundings. The condo was around 79 degrees inside and I had turned on the air conditioner in the bedroom. It was the type of morning where you need another shower by the time you've finished getting dressed. After my shower I switched on a light and plugged in my hair dryer - the one electric luxury I won't give up, yet ;) Partway through, the a/c must have cycled on and a circuit breaker flipped. No problem, I'd just switch it back.

No change. No light, no a/c, nothing. Flip off, flip on. Nothing. I called an electrician who promised to stop by after I returned home from work, from which I was now running late.

He was there a total of 10 minutes. Yes, if you've owned a home you've already guessed that the switch didn't flip over far enough to completely *click* so when I flipped it back, of course nothing would happen. Duh! I had heard that before, but never had it happen to me in all these many years.

Lesson: Combining the heat from a hair dryer with an air conditioner is counterproductive.

On the bright side; it's Tuesday! Hoping yours is great ;)


Mary said...

Ah, the joys of home ownership! After losing electricity many times, we had out wiring upgraded in our old home and a new circuit breaker box installed.

Yesterday I was running all day and rushing to make date with a friend. I dressed, did hair and makeup, ran downstairs to quickly clear the kitchen. When I turned on the disposal, the pipe under the disposal came loose. You can imagine...So, I just took off my clothes, hunkered down under the sink and hooked the pipes together again. I hope no one was looking up the hill which gives a clear shot into that part of the kitchen.

Thanks for the smiles.

farmlady said...

Some days you're better off staying in bed.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Oh, Mary! I hope it didn't take too long or cancelled your plans :(

Hi farmlady,
I think you said that just right!

And today was MUCH better ;)

Farmchick said...

LOL---oh my--enjoyed your post. Hope you can stop over for a visit and say hi!