Thursday, July 29, 2010

This and that

Summer's in full swing and there's so much to do! Those hours after work are filled with fun stuff....from bike rides to berry picking. I drove up to Jones' this afternoon to get another half-flat of blueberries. I'll know I'll miss them when they're gone! I picked enough to fill another gallon bag in my freezer and a quart basket for my mother. Now that the season is almost done, the berries are much smaller and it takes twice as long to pick the same amount of berries. I'm looking forward to blueberry pancakes this weekend :)

I had an interesting time at the thrift shops last weekend. Along with the cast iron skillet I mentioned a few days ago, I picked up a pair of snowshoes for $3. Over the years I've had some "teardrop" shaped shoes, a metal military surplus pair, and my new Tubbs lightweights (LOVED those!) Just before I moved here, I sold them through a sports resale shop along with my x-country skis. One of the more foolish things I've done! It will take a while to get good replacements, but this is a start.

I also picked up this little sweetie:

The week before I had one of these in my hands but set it down because the paint was badly flaking off. When another one turned up this week, and in better condition, I guessed it had been put there for me. Well, that's my excuse ;) And it was only $2.99

I've been adding to my string of little flowers, but only when I settle in before going to sleep. There's only about 40 inches, but the repeating motion is just like counting sheep :) I think I've found the top to embellish with these posies.

It may take some major surgery to turn this gent's sport top into a frilly chemise. Maybe slicing up the front and chopping off half the length of the sleeves?
July is ending already! It's time to get caught up on One Small Change. I'll be updating on Saturday.


My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

i will be sad to see berry season go...

enjoy those blueberry pancakes...i am going to have to make some one of these august mornings...

kary and teddy

farmlady said...

A gallon of blueberries should last all winter. How nice!
Love that scale...$2.99? Yes, that's a buy. You're very good at this...

Wendy said...

Awesome scale! I can't wait to see what you do with that shirt ;).