Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Suggestions welcomed!

My thrift-shopping haul last weekend included this well-used pan. It must have cooked up may meals of wonderful fried chicken, seeing it's condition. The price was $2.99 and I've never been able to find one this deep for a reasonable price.

These photos were taken after quite a scrubbing, and there is still a considerable amount of rust and grit. Before I add a coating of oil and start seasoning the pan, does anyone have suggestions (or a miracle cure) for cleaning this little treasure?

I have three other skillets that I use regularly, but they were in much better condition when I bought them, each needing a basic cleaning and re-seasoning.


(I'll add my thrift shop finds from last weekend in my next post.)


Maria said...

Here is a site that may help you. I'm lucky as none of mine had rust on them when I got them. I just had to re-season them.


The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Thanks, Maria! I'll try the potato with some Bon Ami tomorrow. My hands have scrubbed enough for today :o

My Farmhouse Kitchen said...

oh..well...you know i love this...i have never seen one this deep...and YEP..i am getting a fried chicken feeling off of this...

i am off to see what this self-stitched september is all about...looks good !!!

kary and teddy