Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Ponder this...

I sometimes wonder who will take possession of all my family's photos when I'm gone. I'm not talking tintypes. These are a suitcase full of 1970's, 80's and 90's snapshots that has been passed on to me. Besides the family pics, there are vacation photos, town activities, and more. I don't even know many of the folks in these pictures, or where they were taken.

For those of us who carry, store, or dust our treasured “stuff” with the hopes that someday, someone else will also treasure it, please check this short essay in the NYTimes online by Ellen Lupton. It’s sweet, almost sad, and definitely right on point.


Mug said...

LOVE the patriotic fence in your new (to me, anyway) header AND I love the dress you created in your last post, Farmgal. Going to read the New York Times article now.....I AM one who saves and hangs on to things hoping and wondering if others wil continue to "hang on" and appreciate what these "things" represent. I even look at all the BOOKS I have and wonder if anyone will appreciate the series of books I have collected that I truly enjoyed reading:)

I love the way you phrased it..."those of us who carry, store, or dust our treasured "stuff" with the hopes that someday, someone else will treasure it..."

farmlady said...

I read Ellen Lupton's essay. Oh! Tis true, tis true. The article got more interesting as I read it. I really need to deal with this whole hording... saving... what's important, what's not "thing" in my life.
Thanks for reminding me and bringing up something that is a constant finger pushing me in the back. I need to do something and do it now.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hello Mug!
It's great to see you again!

Hi farmlady,
Don't rush out and de-clutter! We repent in leisure that which we do in haste ;)

I'm just going to be more realistic in my expectations as to what my children will think of the "treasures" I leave behind. I also have a pocket-sized photo album with the Most Important Treasures listed so they'll know why I kept certain things. Everything else can be recycled, if it's still usable :)