Thursday, July 22, 2010

Just playing around

I recently came across an older copy of Crochet Magic, and prompted by the combined images of vintage lace doilies and the decline of summer (yes, the days are getting shorter now), I took out my stash of hooks and a ball of cotton. The hats and scarves I've made as gifts over the years have been works of love but now I need a work of art, fashion, and mathematics (3 tr in next sc, ch 2). It's been decades since I've made a doily, and I routinely walk right past the uniformly wound balls of crochet cotton when I grab a skein of yarn from the store shelf.

Southern New England was hit with another rash of storm cells yesterday evening, which was the perfect reason to be domestic. I stayed in to make a loaf of bread, try a new cracker recipe, and stitch a chain of small flowers. My rusty fingers are still getting their tension back, but each motif made me smile. They remind me of little violets, especially the way the petals curl. I'm thinking of edging a cardigan with a chain like this made from lavender cotton.

There's a lot of summer left, a lot of trails to ride and dripping ice cream to enjoy. But I may carry this project with me for a lunch break in the park......with some of those yummy corkscrew crackers!

Side note: The Weather Service is going to Litchfield, CT to examine the destruction/debris from the storm to determine whether it was a tornado. This is not the typical New England weather I grew up with.....


Maria said...

Love the crocheted flowers!
Love the adorable crackers (can crackers be adorable?) I bet they are tasty too.
Love the radio!

And you are right about this crazy weather. I am typing this at work (when I shouldn't be) because I have no TV, internet or phone at home because of the weather......At least I have power, so I'm not complaining....

MyStory of HiStory said...

That "lace" is lovely!