Saturday, July 24, 2010

I'm strong to the finish...

... 'cause I drinks me spinach!

Yes, I've been starting my mornings with this vividly colored green beverage and it is soooo good. It's just a bunch of spinach, a half banana, and a little water. That's it. No sweetener, no protein powders, nada. The flavor of the banana overpowers most of the spinach, but that's okay.....for now. The original post states that any green can be used (spinach, chard, or even kale), however the taste of a stronger green will take getting used to, or can be *masked* with some extra fruit (blueberries, melon). The blog author suggests that drinking this every morning has possibly helped her get through the cough, cold, and flu season unscathed. hmmm.... Now there's a benefit!

This week I purchased a cellophane package of organic baby spinach at Whole Foods since I could have the rest as salads if the drink was unpalatable, but it turns out that I enjoy drinking my spinach. And while a $5 bag of greens every three days may be a bit extravagant, I think I'll do this every other day. Any little bit helps, right? And if I get daring enough, I might try some chard at the farmers market next week.

Now this isn't my complete breakfast. By no means could I get through the morning on it. I'd be chewing my pens at work :( After my *power drink* I make the bed, take a shower, pack my lunch, and then have my coffee and oatmeal while I scan the headlines and my favorite blogs - probably yours! :)

Take a quick click over to the original post at Golubka for some fantastic colorful photos and good writing. While you're there, check out this and this!!! And consider putting in a row of spinach for fall ...


MyStory of HiStory said...

Good for you ... trying new things that are sooo good FOR you! Popeye would be proud!

Now as for chard... the mere mention of it gives me flashbacks to my childhood when my father would make me sit at the table until I'd eaten five bites of it! UGH! ugh! ugh. It thrived all too well in our garden & I LOVED when he'd offer to share w/ others & let me pack the bags for them. Needless to say they were STUFFED FULL OF IT! I guess I figured the more I gave away the less that would end up on our dinner table :) Perhaps if he'd let me eat them in a shake like you describe here, my memories would be more pleasant! :)

Love that olive green blender too. Any olive green kitchen appliance exudes "quality" in my book given the era it was likely made in!

farmlady said...

Can you imagine....if all those parents who made their kids eat 3 to 5 bites of veggies before leaving the table had just thrown it all into a blender with some bananas and strawberries, what a healthy bunch we would be. Duh!