Monday, June 14, 2010

'Net relief

It seems that my (former) internet provider, whose poor service irritated me for the last few months, continues to annoy me know that I've disconnected from them.

Over the past several months my internet connection ranged from poor to non-existent. The monthly bills have handwritten names, dates and notes from conversations I had with their customer service and technical support people. Each time they checked the line it was clear, but an on-site visit would cost $69 if they did not find a problem with the wire leading up to the building. I would not agree to that, since no work has been done on the building or wiring and, living in a condo, the wiring in the walls is not mine. I only *own* what is on the living area side of the walls. Well, anyway, the service was always sketchy but over the last two months it got so bad that I would log onto any unsecured signal in the area even though I was paying a provider!

I called in late May to cancel, and the customer support person who answered was like a breath of fresh air, offering to waive the $69 visit fee and credit me for the last two months. He suspected it was the modem, and wanted to send me a new one. It's too bad he didn't answer any of my calls over the last few months, because he could have saved a customer. But by now my mind had already been made up that I wanted nothing to do with this company. I had spoken to too many unresponsive voices from customer service.

So we have parted ways. Now I use the free wi-fi at the library. There are two libraries nearby (between home and work.) And if I'm feeling daring, I log onto an unsecured signal at home. (I keep my internet protection programs updated!) I'll be saving up my pennies for the next month or two so that I can get a wireless card for my laptop.

But they've left me with this problem......

They don't take the modems back, and I can't find anyway to recycle this. I don't feel good about tossing it in the landfill. Does anyone out there know if these can be recycled anywhere? (Other than turning it into a side table/vase/bookend/.....)


farmlady said...

I think there are places that will take these thinks but I'm not sure. Ask some place like Staples or any computer store. They should have some info on this.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi farmlady,
I didn't think to ask at Staples, but I will tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!

patricew said...

there is an electronics recycler in Middlebury VT if you live anywhere near there....

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hello Patricew,
I will be sure to pass through Middlebury this summer! Can you forward a business name to me? You can email it if you'd like: greenvtr(at) yahoo (dot) com
Thank you!