Thursday, June 3, 2010

Little secrets

I was afraid to tell you about this when I did it. I wasn't sure how it would turn out, or what you would think.....

....remember when I made the jelly from violets?

Well, I had a second bag of flowerheads. Yellow ones. They didn't look very promising after that long drive home even though they were packed in the cooler. And the petal infusion looked somewhat dismal. But I gave it a shot and these are the results.

5 jars of Dandelion Jelly

I had a little left over that I put in the fridge, which I tried last night on a slice of "Almost Whole Wheat" bread. Not bad! The flavor is kinda like apple jelly but not quite.

My note for next time is that the flowerheads close up quickly even if kept chilled, so it's best to process this right after picking. And since you have to remove all the green (bitter) parts, there's a LOT more work involved. But it's such a neat thing to give to family or friends.

Would I try more recipes like these? Of course! I'll be more prepared next spring and harvest "wild" crops at or before their peak. (This year I was late.) I'll be trying some different recipes for this summer, too.

* * My Almost Whole Wheat bread was an accident this weekend. I buy flours from the bulk bins and sometimes forget to keep them labeled, so when I thought I was measuring out whole wheat flour, I was really scooping organic pancake mix. But it came out quite nice.

I found my canister of whole wheat flour the next day :)


MyStory of HiStory said...

That's really neat. Rather unique. Very cool. Talk about being resourceful! :)

Yiota said...

I admire you for your patience.
I'm full of ideas but rarely bring myself round to actually making something like this.

Wendy said...

I had a conversation with my mother recently, it went something like:

Mom: We have to do something about all of the weeds in our lawn.

Me: Do you have dandelions?

Mom: Yes. The dandelions are particularly bad and huge. We'll have to have the lawn guy put something on them.

Me (incredulously): What?!? You don't eat your dandelions?!?

Mom (equally incredulously): No!

I'm thinking if I were to make her some dandelion jelly, she might just change her mind, and maybe she could, finally, enjoy a chem-free lawn ;).

Anonymous said...

I made dandelion jelly and everyone loved it. I have had so many request for this jelly. I pick my flowers early in the a.m. and come right home and wash them then cutting the petals off. I am looking for violet flowers to make the violet jelly. I have a plant but it is still small.

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi everyone,
Thanks for the thumbs up!

Wendy - I would SO love to be able to pick young dandelion greens around here but they're questionable due to chemicals or animals. Now if I had my own yard.......

Barbara - I will remember your hint next spring; pick in early morning and process asap. And I hope you find a neighbor/friend who will share their violets with you :)

Best wishes, folks!

farmlady said...

How wonderful. I must try this.
Did you ever read Ray Bradbury's Dandelion Wine. It's a metaphor for the joys of summer. Find a copy and enjoy it. It's a great summer read.