Saturday, May 1, 2010

The weather's fine, come on out!

Yes, it’s been beautiful these past few days, and promising a repeat again tomorrow. The sunshine, warm weather, traffic, and busy work week left me a bit tired so when I arrived home this afternoon, I tossed an afghan on the deck, taking advantage of the shade. I may have dozed off for a bit, but was awakened by the song of a cardinal in the tree directly above. I enjoyed seeing his bright red coloring against the soft green of the new spring leaves. For most of the afternoon he called to his mate from high in that tree.

Refreshed, I decided it was time to plant this year’s deck “garden”. For the past two years of living in the condo, I have grown everything from zucchini to green beans and cucumbers in containers on the deck. This year I planned on buying more at the farmers market instead of growing veggies, but my two containers have already turned into six.

I purchased potatoes last week at a farm and garden store (during my VT visit), because so many folks on the ‘net have written about growing them in containers. I (loosely) followed instructions from Living the Frugal Life, and will let you know how these turn out.

I also planted nasturtiums (to add to salads), cucumbers, dill, basil, and I’m saving the big container for a tomato plant. There are also a few radishes mixed into every container. Since they sprout so quickly, they’ll be pulled before the other seeds get going. And a few onions were added to the edges of most of the containers so I can enjoy the early scallions.

For the night, I covered all the containers with netting to keep these fellas from digging in the fresh soil. They've been enjoying the acorns that fell over the winter. I hope they don't "store" any in my "garden"!

My meager garden won’t keep my from starving this winter, but it will add freshness and color to my summer meals :)

After finishing my outdoor "chores", I decided to try Mark Bittman’s “Speedy No Knead Bread” recipe. I know it’s not loaded with healthy grains or whole wheat, but there’s no artificial anything in it. That’s a plus in my book. I haven’t attempted any of the No Knead recipes before, but I am definitely looking forward to smelling fresh-baked bread tomorrow morning!

It's late and I'd like to get an early start tomorrow, but wanted to show you this:

I came across two little bunnies this morning. One ran off, but this fellow sat while I took his picture.

Hoping your weekend is filled with good things!

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The Curious Cat said... not sour dough...sounds interesting tho...and what cute little rabbits! xxx