Monday, May 24, 2010

My weekend

Looking at a map, New England is only a small section of the United States. But, topographically, it is as diverse as can be. From the shores of the Atlantic, either rocky with crashing waves, or sandy and calm, to the pine-covered mountains, you can feel like you’ve stepped into another part of the country. Driving through the middle, I pass through different agricultural zones. The willows can be in full leaf in southern N.E. and not yet showing their bright yellow pre-leaf color in the north. Southern N.E. gardeners can be planting tomatoes while their northern counterparts have yet to till the garden.

Interstates in New England weave through the cities and countryside alike, sometimes slicing through rocky mountains that were created by glaciers. Driving along, the mountain ridges line up one behind another, each mottled shades of green. The trees amazingly look like a painting by Bob Ross. An occasional swamp confirms that he knew his stuff.

I respect every person’s love of their hometown, -state, -area. But I love New England.

It was a glorious weekend, sunny and warm, and spent in the company of happy, energetic grandchildren. When I arrived on Friday we spent the afternoon outside, playing and riding bikes. But the big day was Saturday, with the town parade and get-together at the beach.

Everything that should be in a parade was there; a color guard with flags and guns, horses and donkeys, boy scouts and fire trucks, old tractors and ambulances. It’s the time where the oldest long-standing members of the community get to ride in classic cars at the front of the line and the local construction company scrubs and polishes its big truck to drive behind the library bookmobile. The was enough candy to make a dentist hyperventilate, and a local politician shaking hands with everyone along the route.

After all the excitement, we went to the gathering at the beach. There were two of the bouncing castles for the smaller children, some games, baseball, and food. It was enough to keep the little ones happy while their parents had a chance to relax and catch up with friends. And the weather couldn’t have been any nicer! It was a great start to what will be a busy summer season.


Wendy said...

With regard to changing scenery - we live near the ocean. On Sunday, we had to go to my daughters' dance school for a show they were part of. At home, we thought it was just an overcast day, but it turns out it was fog. We drove about a half mile from our house and the sky was suddenly clear and blue. At our house it was chilly. At the theatre it was sunny, humid and hot! So odd to have such different weather within twelve miles, but it's typical. It's almost like we, on the coast, are in a different weather zone than just a few miles inland :). Very funny!

I love New England, too. Amazing place. Amazing people ;).

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

I love New England, too! I think your affinity for it is well-deserved! Husband and I went to Maine on our honeymoon, and I swear we would not have returned to the South for several YEARS if not for the cold winters.

Maria said...

I love New England too....however....Florida has grown on me!

You seem to have had a fantastic weekend....I'm glad you enjoyed your family. I am also looking forward to this weekend's Memorial Day Parade!!

I love a parade!!!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi Wendy,
I've been up your way once, and it was aewsome. My son (the chef) interned in North Harbor many summers ago. (Near Acadia - beautiful!)

Hi Courtney,
The photos you've posted of your travels in the mid-to-lower states make me want to take a road trip down there. Perhaps in a year or two... :)

Hi Maria,
Yes, parades! I just might be sneaking off to see another one this weekend.....