Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The littlest farm

Welcome to this summer’s “back 40”. I have not planted as many containers on my deck as I have in the previous two summers, partly because I don’t want to worry about them should I decide to travel during a heat wave and partly because I enjoy shopping at the farmers market and want to support our local growers.

Of course I had to put in one tomato plant, Arkansas Traveler, purchased at the farmers market on opening day. I “companion” planted basil seeds and onion sets in the same container. (I always add a few onion sets so that I can snip some scallion greens for whatever I’m cooking.) I’ve never heard of this tomato variety before, so curiosity got the best of me and I bought it. There are some blossoms already and it has grown about a foot in these nine days.

I have two smaller pots with nasturtiums (and scallions!) to add to my salads. I’ve grown those for several years, and enjoy the color and flavor when mixed with lettuces.

I planted one pot of cucumbers and a separate one that is half dill and half parsley however, the squirrels have dug through there and I’ve lost some of the little seedlings. Squirrels are abundant here, partly because of the bucket loads of acorns that fall during the winter!

My last veggie container is a five gallon bucket with potatoes. I just “hilled” them tonight after work. Backbreaking, I tell ya’ ;) Really, I’m amazed at how well they’re doing. I bought seed potatoes in VT at a local farm and garden store when I was there in April, but they really seem to like this CT heat!

Well, after surveying the crops, I’m sittin’ back out here with my feet up, listening to the birds chirping in the nearby trees. Or is that my neighbor’s air conditioning condenser?

Have fun, folks. We’ll talk again soon.


Wendy said...

I love your garden. It's beautiful ;).

Nasturtiums are my daughter's favorite plant to grow, and she'd have them all over the yard, if I'd let her. Still, I have to encourage her enthusiasm for growing things, so I do let her tuck them in wherever there seems to be a bare spot ;).

farmlady said...

All lovely!
Because we have so many wild and hungry critters and especially the dreaded gopher, I'm doing more container gardening too.
I must try some scallions.