Friday, May 7, 2010

Here's that biking top :)

Trying to make the most of being under the weather (in more ways than one), I took apart this gently used polyknit housedress from the Goodwill store and uncovered my sewing machine.

I chose the pattern with set-in sleeves, but omitted the sleeves. Instead of a button down front, I made a solid front so that it would be a pull-over top.

And, due to it being a sport top, I cut it shorter than the one on the pattern envelope, adding side slits for ease of movement.

For a quick refashion, I'm quite pleased. Hopefully, I'll be wearing it on the bike path soon!

I've stopped by this site now and then over the past two years. There are some really creative folks who've posted their refashions. I don't think I could commit to a full month or two to creating a refashioned wardrobe, as these dedicated people have. But I've got some thrifted clothes with good material begging to be remade into summer outfits.


Maria said...

You did a great job. Now I know what you are talking about (bike top). Did you put in the pocket in the back too? I love that idea for storing your "stuff".

Wendy said...

What a gorgeous top!

The skill to repurpose clothes is a valuable one. Someday, I'm going to make a skirt for myself out of my husband's old blue jeans, and I've been saving clothes that aren't donatable due to stains or needed repairs. My plan is to use them for quilting, making rag rugs or redesigning them into clothes for my children and/or myself.

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

You did an awesome job! I will have to try my hand at refashioning some running tops...

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi Maria,
I thought about adding the pocket, but I want to just wear this out-and-about, too. I'll try it on the next one!

Hi Wendy,
So many good fabrics are thrown away just because of a stain or worn spot. Lucky you, to have your husbands old jeans! They'll make a great skirt.

Hi Courtney,
Give it a try, it's fun!

Thank you, all, for your kind words.