Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday, Sunday

Yes, I did go back on Sunday, and yes, it was there. Just like the one in the book.

After that I took a long ride on the path. Quite a few other folks did, too. My only regret was not having brought my camera. I settled for my cell phone to take two pictures.

There were also marsh marigolds and lungwort, but they were too far to photo from my phone. Each week I've noticed different things. This time I was struck by the contorted roots of the trees that grow on the banks of the brook. I did not bring a headset, choosing to listen to the sounds of the bubbling, and sometimes rushing, water. There were more bird songs than I could recognize, and a few folks were scouting the birds with binoculars.

A few families were rollerblading, with tykes clinging to mom, unsteady on their new wheels. One dad was definitely in his zone, making long sweeping glides. His little son was trying to keep up. I'll bet he napped in the car after that. The little boy, that is. Not the dad :)

The weather has been beautiful for the past few days, and I'm anxious to see if any of the seeds I've planted along the roadway have sprouted. The problem is that I just scratch them in along my walks and haven't put any markers so I couldn't find them if they haven't sprouted. I have been careful to plant them in spots where the weeds don't get tough and the road crews don't mow. I'll be walking again tomorrow, with a packet of sunflower seeds. The odds are that some of them will bloom. Even one sunflower would be a benefit!

I've done a lot of thinking, now that selling my condo has been put on hold for this spring/summer. It was a depressing realization and I know that the time will come, but I have to adjust my plans for the summer. I had packed up quite a bit of my things to have the condo show well, and I'm only going to unpack what I absolutely need, like warm weather clothes.

So instead of scouting my future little house, I'm going to make use of this time by learning a few skills. I've pulled out the "country skills" type books that I have accumulated over the years and will start practicing now what I intend to use later. Basically, I want to learn how to use milk to make yogurt, soft, and hard cheeses. I have made bread for many years but never kept a starter, so that's near the top of my list. I have gardened and canned, but never fermented. I've read about sauerruben, and that sounds interesting to me. It's listed on a few blogs and I was glad to find it in one of the books. I've made dandelion wine and wild grape wine, but never gingerbeer. Certain things, like smoking fish and meat, will have to wait until I have my own property. But with a cool basement, I can do some food preservation, even in a condo.

Tomorrow's grocery list: yeast.


Wendy said...

Good for you! When I talk to people in my life who are telling me all of the things they can't do because of a, b or c, I always try to encourage them to not think of limitations, but rather possibilities. I don't have 40 acres, and so plowing a huge field for potatoes is probably not going to happen, but I can grow potatoes in hardware cloth towers or buckets (and I've done both successfully!). For me, it's not about what I don't have, but rather figuring out how to use what I do have.

I love that you're doing the same thing. Bravo to you!

Courtney at Scattering Lupines said...

How interesting to learn all those things! Can you recommend any of these books? I'd love to spend my summers learning these trades, once I finish with Julia Child (who has been very much on the backburner lately).

I hope you get your little house sooner rather than later!

Maria said...

Funny mom has that exact double boiler!

Good for you learning new things, I commend you....I also love to learn, my problem is finding time. But next on both mine and my husbands list is to make wine this fall!

I hope your flowers have started to sprout!

Wendy said...

That picture above, the one with the yellow flowers? In our foraging class today, we picked a plant that looks a lot like that. We called it "trout lily." It's wonderful in a wild greens salad :).

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi Wendy,
Thanks for the kind words. Even though I have container gardened on my deck, I REALLY miss turning over my old garden patch and even spending hours pulling weeds!

Interesting how something I saw as pretty, you learned is tasty!

Hi Courtney,
I'll list my books tonight. They're all old and were found by browsing through secondhand stores.

Hi Maria,
We can only squeeze 24 hours into one day. But I'll be watching for your wine tasting next spring :)