Monday, March 15, 2010

One Small Change - mid March update

I've kept up with my reduced beef intake since joining Hip Mountain Mama's One Small Change Challenge in January, enjoying about one beef meal each month, and continued making cold-brewed coffee to cut unneccessary electrical usage (February goal). It's so easy, it's almost mindless. The extra benefits are that it's less acidic and less bitter than perked coffee can be. (However I won't give away my vintage coffeemakers - stovetop or electric. It's that vintage thing, y'know.)

For March I decided to try making natural deodorant, which has worked out well. We'll see how this holds up when I'm active in warmer weather.

An additional change of cutting the cord on my cable provider was added for March 15th, today. I don't watch very many tv shows so this looks to be easy enough. With spring and summer around the corner, I will be outside and less likely to sit on the couch.

My thoughts for April are to bike to work whenever the weather permits. I've got my pretty wicker bike basket on the handlebars and a folding metal basket on the rear to carry my lunch and a change of clothes. It's a five mile commute through side roads by bike, so a ten mile excersize program sounds pretty good.

Each small change has been easy enough to accomplish that they'll stay with me. In retrospect, they've all been surprising healthy in one way or another. I haven't decided whether to continue making additional changes after the challenge is done, but I'm happy with these.

By the way, there's a great post on O.S.Change from Chrissy that may be inspiring to many.

And please remember to add your name to the comment section of my earlier post for my giveaway of the No Impact Man book by Colin Beavan, in celebration of my one year blogging anniversary. A name will be drawn at random after midnight on March 21st and the book will be mailed on March 22nd. I've really enjoyed this time with everyone and appreciate all your kind comments!


Hip Mountain Mama said...

What a great time of year to eliminate tv!! you are going to love riding around on that great bike!!
Thanks for the update!

Maria said...

I went to Chrissy's site and I like this recipe. I have used the Borax and Baking soda recipe for the dishwasher with the white vinegar rinse and although it does work, sometimes the glasses come out a little white (and I have to re-wash them by hand). I am going to give this new recipe a try.....Thank you! I'll look for this peppermint castile soap now! Thank you!

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

Hi H.M.M.!
Thanks for stopping by. I can't wait for riding weather and longer daylight so I can leave the car home!

Hi Maria,
I'm so glad you liked it and hope it works for you!